School Governors

School Governors

The school’s Governing Body has overall responsibility for the strategic direction of the school, and delegates responsibility for the day-to-day running of the school to the Headteacher. At Governing Body meetings the governors look at a range of areas including staffing, finance, the curriculum, policies and the school’s performance. There are also two committees, Curriculum and Finance & Resources, which explore these areas further. Governors may be involved in the recruitment of school staff, meetings with NYCC representatives and training activities.

In 2014-15 the governing body reconstituted in line with legal requirements. The skills and experience across the governing body were extensively reviewed, and new governors were co-opted in order to ensure that the governing body could continue to operate effectively in its role.

The appointment of all governors in school was approved by the Board of Hope Learning Trust upon conversion to academy status in December 2016. Trust-appointed Governors were previously known as Co-opted Governors; these governors are appointed on a skills basis to ensure the Local Governing  Committee functions effectively within its responsibilities under the school’s Scheme of Delegation.

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The full Governing Body usually meets 4 times each year. When the minutes of the previous meeting have been agreed, they can be accessed by clicking here.

Our current governors


Foundation Governor: appointed by the Diocese of York

Rev Trevor Gant 2016 –


Foundation Governor: appointed by the York Methodist Circuit 

Mr Michael Jinks 2015 –


Headteacher: Ex-officio

Mrs Allyson Buckton 2014 –


Staff Governor: elected by staff 

Miss Hannah Rawcliffe 2016 –

LA Governor: appointed by NYCC



Parent Governors: elected by parents

Mrs Joanna Hopkins 2016 – 2020

Mrs Sue Van Hout (Chair) 2013 – 2017


Trust-appointed Governor: appointed by the governing body


Mrs Jude Williams 2015 – 2019

Mrs Lesley Ackrel* 2015 – 2019

Mr Stephen Popplewell (Vice Chair) 2015 – 2019



* Lesley Ackrel: also a governor at Wigginton Primary School, York.


Clerk to the Governors

Liz Andrews-Wilson | City of York


Finance and resource committee 

Mr Stephen Popplewell (Chair)

Allyson Buckton

Michael Jinks

Joanna Hopkins


Teaching and learning committee 

Sue van Hout

Allyson Buckton

Lesley Ackrel (Chair)

Hannah Rawcliffe

Joanna Hopkins

The above Governing Body information is also available as a download